YWAM Series 23 

Our desire is for San Pedro de Macoris be transformed from within through raising up a generation of people that want to see a city transformed and prosper through the power of God. Series 23 characterizes all Petromacorisans (people born in the city of San Pedro de Macoris), is an identity that we want to see future generations be proud off and be an example to others.

We want to be a facilitator for spiritual and physical growth in peoples life's through the word of  God. Through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a message of hope, we believe that God will do many great things in this city of San Pedro de Macoris.

To see lives restored, spiritually and physically, through the gospel of Jesus Christ 

Vision of YWAM Series 23
Mission of YWAM Series 23

To mobilize a new generation of people into missions through vision, training and opportunities where the Kingdom of God can be demonstrated through reconciliation & restoration with the love of Jesus Christ.

© 2017 by Malcolm & Yanet Taylor

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